My Hamsters Have Mange: Scabbing, Fur Loss On 99% Of Their Bodies. It Started With Mites And In Spite Of Costly Treatment Did Not Get Better For A Long Period Of Time. What Can I Do To Make Them Better?


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First of all I will recommend you an effective product that is MAUI WOWIE MANGE BUSTER. If you do not want to go for it then you can follow the following procedure to help your pet:
Just small amount of vinegar to your pet's drinking water in order to combat fleas and mange. If not then you can mix oil with vitamin E, warm it until it reach the temperature of its body. Then pour a drop or so in its ear and massage its ear canal for about a minute. Then gently clean the opening of the ear with cotton to remove all the debris there. Use almond oil and continue this procedure for 6 days. It will help your pet a lot.
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There are safe petsbestrx products (even for hamsters) by a company called QBased Healthcare. I've used them twice for mange and ringworm on my pets and had successful results.

I would think because your hamster is so small, you need to be careful of putting toxic chemicals on them or products that are too strong. It would over power their liver!

Mange is a disease of the skin that is generally found in mammals. It is caused by mites that have a tendency to burrow right down into the skin, and can affect cats, dogs, rabbits, and other animals. There are a massive variety of mange mites but actually very few of these will affect pets.

The mange mites themselves are incredibly small, and cannot normally be seen by the naked eye. However the burrowing effects they leave behind can be somewhat dramatic and it is this that often indicates a case of mange in most pets.

The comment above advising about vinegar will do nothing for your pet. Also you don't want to put oil in our pets ears when the mange is on its body.

Also wash your hamsters bedding daily to prevent the mange mites from getting back on them.

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