Can I Put Cortisone Cream On My Dogs Tail?


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Jessica Smith answered
Cortisone cream may be used on dogs.  Cortisone is used for the relief of inflammation and itch related to corticosteroid-responsive skin disease.  Cortisone will only provide temporary relief of pain and itch and if there is a underlying cause of skin disease like infection, parasites, foreign body, cancer or hormonal imbalance, inappropriate use of cortisone will mask signs and may even exacerbate the condition.   The underlying cause needs to be identified and treated accordingly.  Adverse reactions from cortisone use can include itchiness, dryness, numbness and burning.  Excessive use to cortisone can lead to hormonal imbalances and metabolic dysfunction.

I would recommend having your dog examined by a veterinarian to identify the cause of the problem with your dog's tail before using Cortisone.

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