How Many Types Of Welsh Corgi Are There, And How Do They Differ?


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There has been two separate classifications for Welsh Corgis since 1934, namely the Cardiganshire and the Pembrokeshire. Thanks to the Royal Family, the popular image of the Welsh Corgi is that of the red coated Pembrokeshire.

The Cardiganshire is around two inches taller and slightly longer than the Pembrokeshire Corgi. Their coats are also a little rougher too, and in colouring is normally all brindle or black with white fawn or red markings.

The Pembroke dog or Welsh Heeler is typically coloured fox-red, sable-red, black and tan, with or without white markings.

The corgi, of both varieties, are cattle dogs to trade and forever associated with Welsh farmers who used them to drove their livestock. Though relatively small, corgis are utterly fearless and powerful dogs. Their origins are lost in the mists of time. The earliest written reference to the breed is contained in laws codified by King Hywel Dda in 920 AD, around the time of the Vikings. For many centuries, the corgi was the only dog breed known in Wales.

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