What Happens If My Dog Drinks Bleach?


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Depends how much bleach was in the water... I would give him water and wait, if he doesn't vomit, he will likely be ok. If you are worried call the vet or take him to the vet.
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GO TO THE VET NOW! Bleach is toxic!
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Call a vet and seek advice and if needed an appointment with the vet
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Most bleach contains 6% sodium hypochlorite. This chemical can cause burns to the oral cavity, esophagus, and stomach. The damage to the esophagus can cause an esophageal stricture--this can be very serious. If the bleach proceeded into the lungs than aspiration pneumonia will likely occur.
Treatment is aimed at supportive care and gastrointestinal protectants. Seek veterinary medical attention for your dog.
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Take to doc

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