When My Pregnant Dog Pees Jelly Stuff Comes Out And Wanders Around The House, What Does It Mean?


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Lynn Blakeman answered
It sounds as though your dog's waters have broken and what you are describing is a mucus plug. This is a sign that your dog is fast approaching labour, so be prepared, although it can be difficult to predict exactly how long after the mucus plug you can expect labour to begin.

Although puppies are usually born around the 62 day mark, birth can be anything between 54 and 72 days depending on breeding dates.

A dog's normal rectal temperature ranges between 100 and 100.5f but around 24 hours before giving birth it will fall a few degrees. It is a good idea to record her temperature daily so that you know when the big event is likely to be.

If you have done this before then you will be fine, otherwise don't hesitate to seek help from a vet if in doubt.

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