My dog got sprayed by a praying Mantis and his eye is now watery red and squinted. What should I do?


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The praying mantis does not spray any form of liquid! You should monitor your dog's eye carefully to ensure that nothing else has got into it.

I would still take your dog to the Vet and have him/her look at his eye right away. A Mantis does have a needle like prong on the ends of it's long ends. That's how they catch food. But they do not spray. There is something else wrong. I have Mantis's all over in my yard and they are harmless to animals.

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First rinse his eyes out with lots of water and if persists or gets worse, take him/her to your Vet. This is the first Ive ever heard of a praying Mantis spraying anything lone less a larger animal cause they usually use their pincers for defense and that's what they used when wee use to catch them when I was young

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I know , that's really strange. I know skunks spray and Horned Toads shoot blood from their eyes but never ever heard Praying Mantis spray so hope hes right as this could be really serious if it came from some poisonous insect

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