Can Heartworms Cause Excessive Drinking In Dogs?


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Excessive water drinking in dogs is not directly related with heartworms. It can be due excessive exercise in young dogs. Some disease like diabetes, liver & kidney diseases, and Cushing' s disease can also cause excessive water drinking.

Canine heartworms are threadlike worms called Dirofilaria immitis. These worms attack on  pulmonary arteries that carry blood from heart to lungs. These worms are transmitted in dogs by infected mosquitoes. Symptoms of heartworm infection in dogs are e coughing, heavy breathing, coughing blood, lack of interest in exercise, and congestive heart failure symptoms. Diagnosis of heartworms is done by chest x-rays, echo, ECG, CBC test, Microfilaria screening and heartworms serology test. You should discus your dog problem with vet.

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