What To Do About Heavy Breathing In My Diabetic Dog?


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Diabetes can be regulated by daily insulin injections and diet control.
Unfortunately, oral medications that have been developed for treating
diabetes have proven ineffective for dogs. Every pet is different, so a
specific course of treatment will need to be prescribed by your
veterinarian. Insulin treatment is usually based on weight, but weekly
glucose curves (a series of blood glucose tests performed over 12 to 24
hours) at the veterinary clinic will help refine dosage requirements.
Your veterinarian will also probably prescribe a diet based on your
pet's dietary needs. What is most important is that you keep a
consistent feeding and injection schedule, ideally feeding your pet the
same amount of the same food at the same time twice a day at 12 hours
apart. Insulin injections should be made either directly before or after
meals. Depending on your management plan, you will also need to monitor
your pet's blood sugar levels with a glucose meter and adjust insulin
dosage if sugar levels swing too high or low.

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Dogs can breath heavily after exposure to hot conditions, exercise and nervous conditions. Heavy breathing without these conditions is due to pain and oxygen deficiency.This oxygen deficiency can be due to

1. Heartworm
2. Heart diseases
3. Lungs diseases
4. Trauma
5. Pneumonia
6. Fluid in lungs
7. Bleeding in lungs
8. Obstruction of air passage

So, you should get advice from your vet.

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