My stepfather and my favorite little dog, Cupcake were viciously attacked by two huge dogs today. All are alive, but hospitalized. Have you or one of your animals been attacked by a dog?


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Omg I'm so sorry!

I hope they both get well soon. I've never been attacked but had a friend once that was.  She had to have many stitches but got ok.

Gosh I'm sorry!

I hope the animal control people picked the dog up.

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dragonfly forty-six
Yes, there were two huge dogs. Both are quarantined pending results of rabies, and what will happen to the pair because of assault.
My stepfather was walking Cupcake and his other little Bischon Frise. All three are hospitalized in critical condition. He fought hard for his life and for his little dogs. Luckily, he is in amazing shape. He is 68, but has the body of a much younger man. I will probably be going out to help out in the next few day, just hoping the dogs make it through the night. I think he's going to be okay, the dogs? Not sure..
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😭 my prayers are with all of them
dragonfly forty-six
Thanks, Tiger.
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I am so sorry to hear this! Prayers for a speedy recovery for both.

I have never been attacked to the point of being bitten, but there was a dog that lived between my uncle's house and ours that came at me several times when I rode my bicycle past. One time I couldn't out run him and I used my bike as a shield to keep him away. The owner finally came out and called him home. A few days later it went after another child. About a week later, after the cops did nothing, it went after someone who was carrying a gun.

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Tisk. How awful. Must have been a shock.  Hope and wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear this! My dog was attacked by another dog when she was a year old. We were at a campground out of town. I was taking her for a walk when a bigger dog from the camper beside us lunged at her and attacked her. She was bitten around the neck. It was the 4th of July weekend. We found a Vet. In a shabby little office who treated her and said she should stay there a few nights. When I got her back, I immediately took her to my own Vet. Who treated her and she got well with time. Luckily the owner of the other dog took responsibility and paid all the bills.

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I'm sorry to hear this. I hope your stepfather and dog will be ok. I wish them both a speedy recovery. None of my dogs or myself have ever been attacked. When my dog Sadie and I walk out the top, I'm usually carrying a pistol in case something bad does happen. Fortunately, I've never had to use it.

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dragonfly forty-six
Thank you, Mountain Man. Good to see you around here.
Was thinking about you and your family. Last I heard you have a sick grandbaby. How are things? Hoping the new year brought good news from you and yours. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.
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Thank you Dragonfly. My granddaughter made it home for Christmas then was back in the hospital for a few days more and is now home again. But she still goes back for her chemo treatments. I haven't seen her in over a week because I've had a bad cold and I don't want her to get it. She still manages to pull off the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. :) I hope all goes well with your family.
dragonfly forty-six
Thank you for the update. That she can be going through something so hard and she still smiles is a reminder to all to not take it all so hard. If she can still find a smile whatever I go through is trivial in comparison.
Thank you, I hope so too. Waiting on the other shoe to drop.
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At the dog park my dog was attacked twice . . The first time I called her off defending herself . . . The second time the dog pinned he and I couldn't get there fast enough and she was bit a couple times. When I did get there I pulled her out of harms way and yanked their dog off ROUGHLY by the collar and was ready to kick it if it went back after my dog.

Then I looked at the owner who was apologizing . . . Again . . . And I said "If you cannot control your dog, you have to go . . . NOW."

The last couple of times I went back to that park, my dog just stayed under the picnic table I was sitting on to afraid (PTSD) to engage with other dogs . . . It's been a couple years so I may try again.

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dragonfly forty-six
She sounds like my girl. I was her alpha. She loved her pack and took care of us all. Two years later, and I still cry about her. I still can't get another dog. Just too heartbroken. When I lost her, it was like I lost my right arm.
What gets me, is that she told me it was her time. That was our deal. I told her that I'd not keep her here for myself, that when it was time i'd help her go. To the end, Dark, she tried to take care of me. With her last breath she tried. I told her i'd be okay, her job was done. She went and it was beautiful. One of the most beautiful things I've ever done.
No one knows the things I whispered in her ear as she left me...
Although I am full on crying right now, I believe that it is good for me to talk about her. Thank you, my friend. For again giving me the opportunity to talk about my love for her. As always it's also good to hear about your Macey.
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You have me tearing up as well.
I was very angry at how the vet put her down. Although I am sure she didn't suffer, I wanted her lulled to sleep first. But she never closed her eyes because he injected her too quickly . . . I was too heart broken to deal with him and I wanted some time with her alone . . . I didn't want to deal with another dog so soon, but my Children needed something to help them cope, and so now we have Skye. She's our little timid fox in the pack.
dragonfly forty-six
I understand about your children, mine were 21 and 25 at the time of her death. They've been little adults about the whole thing. Her last two months they made her life wonderful. They aren't ready for another pack addition either.
I had never owned a dog before her, and now understand that dog ownership is unique. Nothing's exactly as that. I used to tell her she'd be my only dog, that I didn't think I could love anyone like her. Maybe some day.
The last time we went here it was our thoughts on if we would be seeing them again. I wanted to tell you how much that conversation meant to me and how kind you were to me. I couldn't further talk to you about it because at the time it really was an open wound. I appreciate our friendship. Thank you.
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dragonfly forty-six
I will, thank you. They made it through the night, so with every day we are in a better place.
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This is great news! ☺
Thank you for the update.
dragonfly forty-six
Update: Stepdad and dogs are better. Today we found out that one of the dogs who attacked was put down because of his severe injuries from the beating he sustained from my stepdad try to save his family's life.
I am angry that because the owner of this dog was not a responsible dog owner that this dog, who was being a dog, paid with his life in severe pain. If the owners could not be responsible they should have been surrendered. If said dogs could not be rehabilitated or were found aggressive they would have been humanely put down. That a dog was put down because of the irresponsibility of their owner, really angers me. It's senseless. Dogs while domesticated are indeed animals. They will act like animals. I'm just in tears over the whole tragedy. My step dad, while grateful he and his dogs survived, feels the guilt over the tragedy of this dog. He of course doesn't regret doing what he had to do...but again it was senseless. The owners of said dogs will only get a slap on the wrist for their irresponsibility. I'm so angry it's made me cry.
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My heart goes out to your stepdad, Cupcake, and you.  Praying that all will be well ... And that the offenders will never have the opportunity to attack again.

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I am so sorry to hear this Dragonfly. 😔

My neice when she was a baby got attacked by her uncle's dog. She had to have many stitches close her face. The doctors did a great job. The only scars left looks like she has cute dimples. Oddly when her son was around the same age, he was attacked by a dog as well. His injuries were not as severe. My ex step dad had a dog who drowned my baby kittens. He tried telling me that's the nature of dogs and he was just "playing" with the kittens. Pffft yah right. My mom's stupid dog bites Jr's feet when ever one of us tries to talk to her. I just stopped conversing with my mom cuz she blames everything/everyone BUT the dog. And I don't let my son near it anymore.

Funny side story....

One day my husband, kids and I were Pokehunting at a park when a dog approached us rather abruptly. He told it to get away but it wouldnt. He tried talking nice to it and it growled. So he firmly told it to get away again and it became more aggressive back so he grabbed one of the kids scooters to scare it off and it growled but backed off. We watched it to make sure it left but it wouldn't leave! It kept trying to approach us. My husband was like "DANG he's persistant!" My husband said maybe we are blocking his way to his home or something so we went around the other way to get to our car. (I had enough excitement for the night! Lol!) Anyways sure enough where we were originally standing the dog ran back there and as the kids were getting in the car, this dog trotted past us with a bone in its mouth! He was just wanting his bone he buried earlier! 😅 So we praised him a good dog! 😅

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dragonfly forty-six
Thanks, Sweet.
LOL he wanted his bone...You all just got too close.
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Yes I believe we were sitting at the picnic bench he buried it under! What amazed me was it was already dark and he STILL knew exactly where he buried it! And we all "awed" him as he walked past us by the car... you could almost see his smile as he wagged his tale contented past us!
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I m so sorry. I know how you love your dog bcuz I love my cats the same way. Your dog is your baby and a part of your heart. 

Once I remember one I was out for a walk when this dog had gotten away from his chain and came at me. He didn't bite but he growled and showed his teeth. I never walked that way again.

Another time a woman came to our home and let her pit bull out of the car. He came at my cat and actually tried to kill him. It took 3 ppl to get that dog off.                                      My husband threatened to kill the dog. She left in such a hurry, she hit a car on the way out, and that delayed her even longer.              My kitty went to the vet and was ok. The dog just wrenched his jaw.

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Thats very unfortunate for you, our family dog has been attacked once or twice but nothing to the extent yours has gone through. Our dog did run away one time for a week and we all thought he was dead which was diffucult.

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