How Do You Identify An Athsma Attack With A Dog? Would Albuterol And Or Benadryl Be Harmful Or Helpful For Dog During An Attack?


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To find out if your dog is suffering from asthma or not you will have to observe the following symptoms:

Your is coughing
Your dog is wheezing
Your dog is getting respiratory distress
It tries to breath with mouth opened.
Its gums and tongue become purple.
Its digestive system gets affected
It gets loss of appetite
It shows lethargic behavior

Do not give it any medicine before proper diagnoses. Take it to vet and it will prescribe you the medicine according to its condition and age.
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I've never seen a dog with an inhaler, but I took care of a friend's golden retriever who had asthma and allergies, and I had to give him benadryl hidden in peanut butter. The benadryl is prescribed based on the weight of the dog, so it's mg. per pounds. Your vet will not only know if the dog has asthma, but can properly prescribe the meds your dog needs.

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