MY Turtles Eyes Are Swollen Shut From Being In Hot Water . What Can I Do?


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Why was he in hot water? Were you going to make turtle soup and changed your mind. Anyway, I would think that cool water might help. But I might be concerned that there might be some other issues that you can't see do to the hot water.
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Oh my goodness, how did the poor turtle get into the hot water? Get him too the vet as soon as you can, he could be in real distress and getting worse and just not showing it, because they can't tell you that they are hurting. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the turtle, please let me know how he is.
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Another silly question , my how they are cropping up in here. Uh my answer is put the little beggar in cooler water maybe!
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It is a sign that he is sick and this might work. You need to put him in cool temperature not freezing not hot COOL. And if he\she is an aquatic turtle that breaths air then you need land somewhere in your tank and sunlight for it to bask.
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Use a big pot ( 2 or 3 gallons with a gallon or more of water in it )

Make sure the water is boiling before dropping the turtle in and put the lid on the pot to keep the heat in ;-)

Should be cooked between 20 and 30 minutes dependent on weight ;-)

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I have to admit that before I even read your answer, that was my first thought...

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