Dog Has Matted Eyes. One Completely Shut And Other Half Shut. What Do It Do.?


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Eyes of the dogs become matted together usually due to inflammation of the conjunctiva. There are many conditions that can cause conjunctivitis in dogs. These can be

1. Bacterial or viral infection
2. Injuries
3. Allergic Irritants
4. Parasites of eyelids
5. Infections of eyelids
6. Foreign material in eyes
7. Problems of tear production
8. Problems of tear glands

So, take your dog to vet for differential diagnosis and treatment.
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Matted as in gunk is coming out of her eyes and making her eyes and surrounding hair stick together?? Try a warm wash cloth and gently wipe across the eyes. If it continues, then you need to take to the vet for medicine.
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We adopted a rescue who's eyes were completely shut from being crusted over. This is a dangerous condition that can cause corneal scarring. Our pup has KCS or dry eye that is easily treated with drops 2x a day. We use Opt immune, recommended by our vet. Unfortunately, our rescue suffered permanent damage from neglect, but after three months the medication has actually effected improvement with his vision. Don't fool around. See a vet. Drops will cost about 20 dollars a month. Give up a night out to dinner if you have to.
They give so much to us - they deserve to be cared for.

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