How Much Water Do I Need To Put In A Turtle Tank?


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They need a land area and a water area (and enough space). They must be able to get out of the water or they'll get shell rot. Make sure the level isn't too close to the top or they might climb out. Try to make sure they can't get caught or tangled in any water decorations. They will sometimes eat smaller gravel rocks which is not good. They also need quite a bit of daylight (or UVB) to process vitamins and nutrients and a proper diet. Good filters are really important as they can be very dirty which can lead to illness but changing water too often can do this as well. They need a heat lamp and submersible water heater (make sure you get something so you are able to tell the water temp.). It can cost a lot to set up a turtle the right way and they can live a long time when cared for properly which doesn't happen often enough. They can also carry salmonella so always keep that in mind and disinfect appropriately.
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If the turtle is aquatic, then as much as you wish as long as you follow these rules:

- water level must have the distance of at least half of the turtle from the top of the aquarium (they can jump out),
- there must always be some form of ramp or solid item to allow your turtle some rest (it could drown)
- always judge if the turtle is able to swim in the water provided, if it appears to be in trouble, lower the water level until it can rest on it's own legs in at least one part of the pool.

If the turtle is terrestrial, then it only needs a little bit to drink, and just enough so that it may rest in it to cool down and still be able to touch the ground.

Hope this helps!

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About a quarter full

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