What Could Cause Blisters On A Dog's Stomach?


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There could be various reasons for the condition. Has the dog been outside lately? If so, it might have been bitten by ants. Dogs love to lie on their bellies. You can put some triple antibiotic on it. It is available at any H-E-B supermarket in the antibiotics section for humans, or if you have bag balm it usually works too. If it does not go away you will need to take them to the vet for a stronger antibiotic.

It could also be a haemangioma which is a blood vessel filled tumor, or it may be an infection or an abscess and it could still be bleeding under the skin due to rodent bait.

Allergies and parasites should be considered as well. Allergies can be due to foods, pollens, perfumes, shampoos etc. Benedryl is often a good solution but dogs can undergo allergy testing and allergy shots just like people can.

Parasites can include fleas, but also tiny critters you cannot see. The vet can diagnose these tiny skin parasites by scraping the very outer layer of skin cells from the surface of the dog's skin and looking at it under a microscope. Treatment typically consists of Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medication, although for fleas there are treatments such as Comfortis (a once a month pill) and flea shampoos.

The condition can also be caused secondarily by a fungal or bacterial infection that has started because of the dog scratching their flea bites. These are treated with oral medications and special medicated shampoos.

The worst cause could also be an airborne fungal infection that infects lungs, skin and bones. It is quite a serious condition and needs to be treated as it can lead to organ shut-down and death.
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I took my dog to bishop ca. I have noticed little clusters of blisters on the soft skin on her stomach, with little black spots in the center of them with puss! Wwhat could be causeing this?
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Those blisters are probably hot spots. It a skin infection or allergies. I would seek a vets help to get medicine and antibiotics.

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