How Long Do Dog Worms Survive Outside The Body? I Noticed That My Dogs Worms Got On The Sofa. What Is The Best Way To Clean The Area So Other Pets And Family Don't Get Infected?


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Well if you are seeing worms they are most likely tapeworm segments if they look like a small grain of rice. They will usually dry up in the house but your dog can still ingest them, people cna't get these worms but other animals can and they are quite annoyin to get rid of should follow the deworming protocal by your vet and vaccum regularily and wash bedding. An easy way to get tapeworms is from eating cat feces and ingesting fleas or eating wild rabbits. So try to eliminate all the sources and keep your pets on a deworming schedule, chances are htey won't be gone for long.
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Poor doggies!
if your dogs have worms, they need to see a vet immediately.
This way you will know exactly what kind of worm it is so that they can be treated properly. 
if you see a worm, grab a pair of tweezers and stick in a ziploc and take it with you when you take your animal to the vet. Some worms are difficult to detect (even with a fecal sample) and this will ensure the correct diagnosis..
many types of worms can have a devi stating effect on animals health. Worms & parasites cause sickness & disease and worse... a slow & painful death.
the best way to prevent other animals & their humans from becoming infected is to prevent infestations in the first place. Ask about monthly applications/dosages from your vet. 

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