How Do Dogs Get Worms From Other Dogs?


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Yes he could - very easily, and probably has. Get both your dogs wormed at the same time, and then make sure they have a follow-up treatment too. They pick up the eggs from each other in a variety of doggy-disgusting ways, but bear in mind that the eggs will be laid around the outside of the dog's anus, so anywhere he sits is likely to have eggs on it.
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Karmabum and rayoflight are both right, but puppies catch worms from their mum while they are still in the womb. It is not dogs' fault they have worms, these worms are VERY well adapted to making sure they get around to new hosts.
Worm your dogs about every three months, and keep your garden clean, don't leave dog (or cat) p o o p lying around.
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Contact with the feces of another dog having worms will make your dog also suffer from worms.So,in this way 1 dog can get worms from other dog.
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How long do the worms live that may come off the dog when he rubs his bottom on my carpet?

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