What Makes My Dog Lose Use Of His Back Legs And Shake His Head So Much?


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You have not indicated age and breed of your dog because some breeds are more prone to have hip dysplasia. Aging can cause weakness in the muscles, loss of flexibility of joints, and reduction in neurological control of limbs. Artritis is major cause of weak back legs in old ages of dogs.

Other contributing factors are Lyme disease, autoimmune disorders, disc degeneration, disc dislocation, cartilage damage, musculoskeletal problems, bone tumors, osteomyelitis, spondylosis etc.

Shaking of head is usually associated with external, middle and inner ear infection that can be due to fungus, bacteria, virus, trauma, polyps, cancer, parasites, allergy and foreign material.

You should take your dog to vet that may go for different investigations like CT scan or MRI and blood tests o confirm diagnosis.

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