Can A Puppy Leave Its Mum At About 3 Weeks Old?


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NO. It needs to be with its mom until at least 5-6weeks old?! She needs to ween the puppy away from her. Do not just take it from her, it will be easier for it to become sick because of not eating properly or not getting the nutrients it needs, After taking it from her, use PUPPY FOOD for at least 2-4months afterwards. Then gradually start with adult food. Not at once, it will get sick. And most important at ages 6,9 and 12 weeks it needs to be taken to a vet for its shots!!!!!if not, it could get parvo and become very sick, or die!
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The weaning process should happen naturally though you can help it along once their 4 weeks. I also soak the dam's food at this stage so they don't choke if they get into it. Remove mom so she doesn't get involved and even eat the food :-). Get a good canned food (preferably a smooth one at first so there is no big chunks or just make sure you squish them really good :-) I use A/D from my veterinarian. In the very beginning for the first day at least I pretty much just flavor some water with the food in a low flat saucer and make sure it's not too hot or too cold (smells like the food you are switching too and comes in a more similar manner to the one they are used to but it will taste different from mom's milk and like food). As they begin actually eating and are doing well you can add to the consistency until it is just canned food. You can do this a couple of times a day and watch them so you know how they are doing and when to add a bit more food to the water to thicken it. As they eat more they will probably also start venturing to mom's bowl and eating from there too and will nurse from her less and less. Smaller breeds can take a little longer to wean sometimes. If you notice anything that seems off or worries you I'd see the vet.
She will also start to discipline them because the teeth hurt and this is how they begin to learn no. They learn the meaning from the dam and interacting with the other pups not really from us. They will also begin to learn bite inhibition in a similar manner though you can participate in that :-). The next four weeks or so actually make a HUGE difference in how those pups turn out in the long run.
It'll happen sooner than you think. :-). Pulling a puppy to soon can lead to health and behavioral problems that aren't fair to anyone if it didn't HAVE to happen.
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  • yes I think so but to be right you can call you vet
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I found a puppy today its only 3 or 4 weeks I went to pet shop and got sum milk I'm worried that it will die and if it dose it will break my kids hearts what should I do

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