Can Guppies Live Peacefully With Goldfish?


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No not really. Guppies are tropical fish, which live in heated fish tanks with the temperature being carefully regulated by a thermostat.

  • All about Guppies
Guppies, as with many tropical fish, are quite soft and can die easily if their environment is tampered with or fluctuates. Putting a different, hardier species of fish in their tank with them will cause stress, alterations in their environment and can result in the spread of white spot.

White spot is quite a common disease, which can kill tropical fish and spreads very quickly and easily. Guppies are fairly small fish in relation to Goldfish and could be eaten by them especially if there is a lack of food in the tank.

  • All about Goldfish
Goldfish are more hardy fish that can live without the use of a thermostat, in fact if put in a tank which is heated, Goldfish will become at the very least lethargic and could possibly die if the temperature is too high. Goldfish live best in water which remains at room temperature and with their own species.

  • Setting up a tropical tank
As many tropical fish aren't very hardy and can die easily as a result of a poorly set up tank, it is important to set them up correctly. The first thing to do is to get all of the correct equipment that you will need, for example tank, thermostat, filter, gravel and plants.

The best thing to do is to set up the fish tank 7 days before you get any fish; this will allow the environment to stabilize so as not to stress the fish. When you introduce the fish to the tank, allow the bags you bought them in to float in the tank for about an hour, again this will minimise the stress. Once they have floated in their bags, you can release them with a small amount of their water into your earlier prepared tank.
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John Elder answered
Guppies and Goldfish will live well together just keep them away from Tetras as they are nippy on fish with large fins
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Guppies are goldfish food. They will eventually eat the guppies when they get hungry. I have lost too many freshwater fish because of having a goldfish in the tank.
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Guppies and big gold fish are a bad idea

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