How Many Cats Dont Shed?


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Patty Grace answered
Not too many, but there are breeds that shed very little. Adding to the comment from Love2pets, the Bombay breed sheds very little as well. They require little grooming and your petting usually removes what they would shed. They are also very beautiful. Here is a  photo of my Bombay mix, she isn't full, but mostly Bombay.
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Tiffany answered
There area number of cats that are HYPOALLERGENIC ( don't shed, shed very little. )
Siberian is 1 breed. The hairless is called (Sphinx) just search for hypoallergenic felines online.
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Cara Marks answered
All the cats with hair have to shed all there old hair.There are cats that don't have fur they are naked cat.The naked cat has another name.

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