Are Christmas Trees Poisonous Or Harmful To Dogs?


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Some types of evergreens can be poisonous to animals and people. Therefore, do some research on the type of tree you buy to find out if it is a risk. To be safe, keep your dog away from the tree and certainly don't leave the dog unattended in the room with the tree. If you are going away, close off the room to the tree so that your pet can't get to it if possible. This safety precaution applies to cats and other pets as well. Cats are perhaps more prone to chewing on branches. Any pet may be tempted to chew on things out of boredom when you are away. Also keep in mind that you also need to use precautions with small children and certain types of evergreens. A lot of people don't realize that some types of Christmas decorations as well as common house plants can be dangerous. For more information on this, see the website
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What do you think would be the symptoms of a dog being poisoned by a tree? My bulldog died, her mouth, gums, tongue, paws and ears were white and she died two hrs later after the vet visit. I don't understand what happened to her. Thank you

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