How Many Times A Year Do Peacocks Shed?


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I have raised peacocks for several years, the males shed their tail once a year, they shed a few feather's at a time until all the the plumage (Fancy feathers) is gone. They begin to regrow the feathers each spring before the breeding season. If they did not, they would be more vulnerable to predators, as the tail makes it a bit harder to fly, though under stress the peacock will shed the feathers to escape a hold on his tail. Also if the feathers were not renewed each year the damage caused by day to day life would make a poorer showing each year. Body feathers shed a few at a time all year long, and as a general rule each feather is replaced annually, (Only one pair of flight feathers at a time). Also of note, the display of the tail is not just the fanning we all know, but includes a shiver that causes a rattle as feather shafts strike each other.
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Peacocks, the magnificently beautiful birds.As far as I know, Peacocks shed once a year. But I suggest you confirm this.
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peacocks loose their feathers around the middle to end of august. when you notice them loosing 5-10 feathers a day you can remove the rest by holding onto the whole bundle and giving it a sharp tug. if they are ready they will pull right out. minimal bleeding occurs if they done properly and pending the feathers are ready.
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If any bleeding occurrs, then that shaft was not ready for removal. If you are trying to collect the feathers in prime condition, collect lost feathers daily, and do no more than hold the tail, his stress at capture may help loosen extras, but the feathers are not designed to be lost all at the asame time. If you don't nessisarily need thewhole shaft just plumage, you can cut the feather shafts (Careful you don't cut him) and let the quills fall out on their own (I did this to discourage theft of my extra males)

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