Is It Normal For English Bulldogs To Make A Mess While Eating?


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Maybe not all of them. But I have two dogs one who eats as if he's waiting for grace, and the other likes it's his last meal
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I say yes and no. The physical makings of the bulldog's face does NOT allow for anything but huge messes. Knowing this, the owner must take many things into consideration in order to make for a good eating experience. Jackyl does make an excellent point about the dog's eating habits. As with children, the dog will do what the dog can get away with. I have a Boston Bulldog who has big facial parts hanging over  her mouth as her mouth opens to eat. The eating bowl SIZE is very important. The owner cannot buy one that is too small for the food will fall out from the dogs mouth as the lips are moving. The bowl cannot be too large cuz the dog will get her whole face down there and then the dog's face will need a bath.
Another consideration is what the owner appears to look like to the dog while the owner is eating. Dogs DO pick up the owner's habit. If you ever wonder why the dog is a filthy eating hog wolfing down the food, watch yourself. One of the first 10 words my dog learned was MESS. I do not tolerate a mess around the food bowl, water bowl, or anywhere. Even when she starts sneezing, coughing, she knows to go to this one spot in the house by the back door. Dogs will do as they are told for they very much want to please the master. But, simply put, the master has to have a brain enough to train the dog properly or the dog will be a pig.
One other thing is that I leave her bowls in an wrought iron bowl holder which makes the bowls set higher off of the floor. She use to wear a collar in the house until I saw her tags get hung up in the wrought iron and she tip the water bowl over and made a huge mess. She carried on frantically until she got my attention cause she was smart enough to know that she'd be  spanked for making a mess.
Dogs are as stupid or as smart as their owners...much like kids.!!
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Bulldogs i think have part bull in them (theres the name Lol.) They are kind of like a bull in a china closet when eating & you'll just have to make a trough or something if you want clean table manners  :)
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It's sort of a monkey see monkey do thing. The dogs have been watching how their masters have been eating, and over the years have acquired their dining etiquette, and yes it is on the slobbery side with copious amounts of saliva dripping from the mouth
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G'day Kokomo97,

Thank you for your question.

Not only English bulldogs but most dogs, That is why most dogs eat outside so that they don't make a mess indoors. They generally wolf down their food very quickly.


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