Is A Dog Supposed To Bleed After It Has Been Spayed?


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Is it normal for my dog to bleed after being spayed?

No, a female dog is not supposed to bleed after she has been spayed, but this can occasionally happen. If this is the case, then you will have to take your dog back to the vet.

Post-spaying bleeding can happen for a number of reasons:

  • When performing an operation to spay a dog or cat, the veterinarian must detach the ovaries from the uterine "horns". They do this by clamping and tying-off the blood vessels. Occasionally, a blood vessel is missed.
  • Sometimes when a spaying is performed, the ovarian tissue may have not completely formed. This means that, when the tissue is clamped to cut off the blood vessels, some parts of the unformed ovarian tissue will stay in the body. This then means that this tissue will continue to respond to the brain's instructions to produce hormones, and will therefore cause a female dog to "bleed".
These complications will need to be looked at and sorted out by a vet. So, unfortunately you're going to have to take your dog back to the veterinary surgery.
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Bleeding, either from the incision site or from the vagina hours to days after a spay, should be reported to a veterinarian immediately.
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This question is for your vet . He or she should be contacted about this problem. That's the safe thing to do!
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It is normal for a dog to bleed after being spayed, however if it is a lot of blood or looks red and inflamed she probably has an infection. I would get it checked out, just in case!
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Unless the dog was in heat when she went into surgery, there shouldn't be any vaginal bleeding at all.

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