Can A Small Amount Of Ibuprofen Hurt A Teacup Chihuahua?


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No you cannot give your Chi Ibuprofen! Ibuprofen is toxic to dogs and can kill your Chihuahua. Never under any circumstances give a dog any kind of Human Medicatio,n without talking to your vet first . What is the reason why you want to give your Chi Ibuprofen? If your Chi is sick or injured, then you have to take it to the vet, get it properly diagnosed and properly treated.There is NO SUCH THING as a Teacup, Mini, Micro or Pocket Size Chihuahua! What you have is a Runt, which is the smallest puppy in the litter. Teacup is a term that irresponsible breeders use, when they breed one Runt to another Runt in order to achieve smaller puppies. A Runt should never be bred in the first place. Their tiny bodies are not built to carry and deliver puppies. All these irresponsible breeders care about is charging people Insane prices for these puppies for their own profit.
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Brittney smith
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No the teacup chihuahua really is a breed you have no idea what you are talking about.True runts shouldnt be bred because there body is too small but a teacup chihuahua is a type of chihuahua.DUH!
Elaine Vellianitis
Wolfgal! You can believe whatever your little heart desires. I've owned Chihuahuas for over 40 years. I used to breed Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are in the Toy Group. Teacups as you call them are "NOT A Breed". You need to do more research, because you are obviously misinformed. Read the last paragraph on this page!
I don't know if this link is going to post, so in case it does not, then Google "The Truth About Teacup Chihuahuas!
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No you can not give ibuprofen to your dog. I have to continue on with what the others have said above concerning the phrase of teacup. I am sorry but you have been misinform. Do some research concerning the term teacup and you will see that you bought your dog from a questionable breeder. I would be concerned that your dog has genetic problems. Do not be mad about what was said, you were fooled by someone. Do the research so in the future it does not happen again.
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Yes. Especially if there's a liver problem as tends to be so common lately with those tiny ones due to breeding practices. Use of the word teacup (or pocket, micro, mini in some breed's whatever) is a warning sign concerning seller's as it indicates either a lack of ethics or knowledge as there is no such thing. There is no teacup anything. Things like that are toxic to our pets. Do not ever give something like that unless under the direction of the vet. What are you wanting to give it for? You need to consult your vet. If it's appropriate to the problem they will be able to tell you how much to use for your specific dog or may want you to give something else. Even then you will have to watch close for signs of toxicity. Call them before you do anything. If it's correct the whole thing can usually be handled over the phone.
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Buffered aspirin with a little food would be better, but you should check with your vet if symptoms continue.... You should also mention the problem and why your dog needs medicine first.

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