What is the best way to give my cat a bath?


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Ray Dart answered

Cats are bird-killing vermin that scratch up my seedbeds and lawn and leave little "presents" that ruin my garden. Don't get one, then you won't have to worry about keeping the wretched thing clean.

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Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
LOL !!!!
Angela Anthony
Angela Anthony commented
Well Tyto, I happen to agree with Ray....never seen a cat that wasn't a nuisance in one way or the other....nice Ray!
Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
@Tyto, sorry, if you have a pet cat and it is a bit special, I can understand. Round here they are almost a plague.
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I know they sell dry shampoo you can use on cats and it would be lot safer. Other than that you may have to send them to the groomers i know bathing cats is hard.

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Angela Anthony answered

If you must have a cat.....be sure to invest in elbow length leather gloves and maybe a leather apron, protect yourself! Seriously, you might try a spray bottle and mist the cat...use some gentle shampoo, baby shampoo so you don't burn his eyes, but not a lot, then just mist and dry.

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Cats have special tongues that they lick them selves with. My cat is doing this right now and he is pretty clean and shiny. He doesn't smell or anything cuz he takes good care of himself and his appearance. So I don't think you are suppose to wash cats!! They just become miserable

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Yo Kass
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Yeah I usually let them take care of themselves, but one of our cats came back home with black marks on his coat and they don't seem to be coming off... he looks like he's been hiding in chimneys or something!

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