What Is The Approaite Weight For A Male Corso Puppy At Four Months Of Age?


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He should weight around 40 pds.   That's how much mine was. And he is growing wonderfully. I am still currently giving him wellness puppy for large breed. It has him growing at a slow rate. But he is going to be big. Right now he is 5 months and is 66.4 pds So don't rush his weight.  Good luck
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Really it's going to be the adult weight that is a factor for the standard as they can grow at different weights though there are projections based on weights and ages. A lot of other concerns come to mind when someone mentions a corso. Here is the link to the breed parent club and also to another member here (that came to mind right away). Due in large part to the breed bans (HUGE mistake on many levels and just not right) on Pit Bulls, Corso and similar breeds are on the rise and it is scary. You must know how to handle these guys and they are not generally suited for novices in dog handling and you can never know too much about your breed.

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