My 5 Month Old Cane Corso Puppy Is Only 40 Lbs! According To A Chart I Found He Will Average Out To 99lbs. Mom Was 115lbs And Dad Was 130lbs. Could He Be So Small Because We Were Accidently Underfeeding Him And He Had Worms?


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Both underfeeding and intestinal parasites can cause a dog to be underweight.  As long as the parasites have been taken care of and he is on the appropriate amount of food, then he should start gaining some weight.  Being that he is only 5 months sure to feed him PUPPY food (and not adult dog food) to ensure he is getting enough nutrients. Until he "catches up" on his weight, you may want to feed him an extra 1/2 to one full cup of food at each feeding. Here's hoping the little guy beefs up to his potential!

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