What Is The Most Poisonous Fish In The World?


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The most poisonous fish in the world is the stone fish!

It is generally known as the 'Reef Stone fish', and it has thirteen spines on its fins, filled with highly toxic venom. The venom is said to have killed hundreds and thousands of Pacific and Indian Ocean islanders, and caused intense pain to those who managed to escape death.

Brown and grey in colour, the stone fish can grow from 35 cm in length, up to 50 cm, and they live on coral bottoms. They can dig into the sandy bottoms with their fins too, where they live nicely camouflaged while keeping a wary eye out for prey.

When an unsuspecting fish or small creature swims past, the stone fish strikes out with lightning speed and precision; in fact, high speed cameras are required to capture the stone fish preying on film.

With the help of its toxic venom, it is a simple matter for this fish to feed.
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The stone fish,it so rough the outside and you have hold in the middle of the palm of your hand.
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Stone fish
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Blow fish

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