Can i give my pregnant dog mefenamic acid?


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You would need to ask your vet before giving any medication pregnant or otherwise but their answer is probably going to be no. Most vets believe human NSAIDS should never be used in dogs (or cats ect.) and even those that might prescribe them do so rarely and with careful consideration. With her being pregnant you would need to even be very careful with things like supplements and vitamins as well as medications.
If they are needed there are NSAIDS approved and made for veterinary use that are different from the ones we use and may be less toxic to them in the correct dosages. This isn't really something you would want to give to your dog period in most cases and usually a reason to call the vet, emergency clinic or poison control immediately in case of accidental ingestion. This medication isn't recommended for pregnant humans due to the toxicity (toxicity, absorption ect. To fetuses) caused in pregnant animals.
What is going on with her that you ask about giving her two totally different medications, an antibiotic and an NSAID? Never give anything without speaking to your vet and getting directions from them. Medication is the number one cause of poisoning in our pets. A trip to the vet is probably in order.
I hope you haven't yet or without vet supervision if you have  I would be sure to ask about the connection to the concern about the bleeding and may be connected in addition to whatever is causing you to think your pup needs medication for some reason. I hope everything is okay. Good Luck.
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Thanks for the advise. Went to the vet and like what you said i shouldnt give bridget the medicine. Well after two weeks, the bleeding stopped so i guess it was a residue of her menstration. Shes now ok and ill know by the 24th if she is really pregnant. Thanks again!
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Awesome news that she didn't need meds. Can't wait to hear what Bridget's ultrasound shows and hope everyone is good and moving around like crazy. It's always such exciting news. :-)

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