Can I Give My Pregnant Dog A Bath During Her Third To Fourth Weeks Of Pregnancy?


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Jodi Something answered
Sure you can give your dog a bath. Good luck with all the puppies that you will be having soon.
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KR- myopinions answered
Yes, just make sure you are handling and lifting her properly if you are (there are actual ways you are supposed to lift dogs and you don't want to be pushing on her stomach). You can do it around the time her temperature drops too since you won't be able to do it for awhile. If she's 3 to 4 weeks you should make your confirmation appointment for ultrasound or blood test and start your prenatal vet care if you haven't yet and also to make sure it's pups and not something like pyometra. Good Luck to you.  (it's 68 or so and especially for smaller dogs and more likely to need a c-section)

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