How Long To Symptoms Last After A Dog Eats Chocolate?


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If a dog eats chocolate,
it depends on the amount it ate... If it ate very little, like maybe a few pieces, it will be okay.... But if it has like a whole chocolate bar, he might get sick or maybe throw up or have diarrhea. I have heard that they will die, but I don't think so because my dog has eaten many m&ms and he was just fine.... What many veterinarians recommend if your dog eats chocolate, is let them drink A LITTLE bit of carbon dioxide and they will throw up all the chocolate... I have tried it on my dog and it worked.... I hope the helped :)
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Yeah it depends on how much your dog weighs and how much chocolate he ate. I think for big dogs they can eat up to 400grams of milk chocolate before its dangerous for them. But I've heard of dogs eating way more than that and surviving.
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Depends how big and how healthy your dog is, and how much chocolate he ate.
Mine got into some several years ago, and she's still kicking....
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If your dog has eaten chocolate, he might not ever recover from it, and you should have him at the vet. Chocolate kills them. If the dog at this days ago, and still isn't better, odds are that there is damage being done to the dog now because of that chocolate. If you get him to the vet, you might be able to make sure that he stays safe. Hope this helps, best of luck to you.

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