When Will A Female Dogs Milk Dry Up And Go Back To Normal?


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Lactation in dogs is usually continued up to 4-6 weeks. In some dogs, it can be for 8 weeks and very rarely 12 weeks. In dogs milk production is at peak during first 3 weeks after delivery. After this period, milk production starts to reduce. At this point, a diet rich in nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals can increase the lactation period. Milk continues to produce if puppies continue sucking the breast. This is due to suckling stimulus. If puppies stop sucking breast completely, then, it can take 1-2 weeks to complete dry up breast.
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It varies dog to dog, some dry up gradually as puppies begin solid food, some keep producing milk even when the puppies are on solids. Most of mine dry up around 7 weeks. For a mom who keeps producing you can put 1/2 a teasp of sage into her food twice a day for a 15 lb dog, teasp for a 30 lb dog. You can also wrap a tension bandage around her engorged nipples and put cabbage leaves inside the bandage. Generally moms will dry up within 1 week of not nursing pups
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The lactation period in dogs continue for 4-6 weeks. Usually, it is peak within three weeks after delivery. After 3 weeks, it start to reduce. But it can be extended by giving her good diet rich in protein, fats, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. For more details, visit Lactation in dogs.
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My vet used to tell clients to with hold food for 24 hours. And that always did the trick.
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Hi; I am a breeder of Mini-Dachshunds and when my female has puppies she will generally let them nurse till about 5 weeks max due to the puppies getting in their razor sharp teeth. I limit the time the puppies are with the mother starting at 4 weeks and at this point the puppies start eating a ground up dog food www.adamsallnatural.com that I put in a coffee grinder and then mix the food with water to form a slurry so the little puppies can lap it up. At 6 weeks the puppies are eating dry food. Slowly take the mother away from the puppies starting at 5 weeks. Let the puppies nurse 2x a day then down to 1x after a week or so to no longer nursing. Hope this helps. The food Life's Abundance is 100% holistic and has human grade ingredients.No other like it in the USA!! Take care;Jeff
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Once the pups have stopped nursing off her, her body will stop producing oxytocin - which stimulates milk production.  If she takes to long to stop producing milk, you can take her to the vet for meds to assist.
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Usually she will dry up after about six or eight weeks, when the puppies are weaned fully. Sometimes she will stop producing milk earlier or may continue lactating for months. Some dogs even continue lactating or begin again to become wet-nurses or foster-moms.
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Is is normal for my female bitch dog to still be leaking milk 6 months after giving birth to her puppies

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