I Have Wormed My Puppy But He Is Still Bloated, What Else Could It Be?


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Your puppy bloating problem maybe caused by gas or he could be constipated I would make sure that he has a lot of fiber in his food that he eats fiber is good for puppies try to give him/her dry puppy food instead of can food but if hes constipated wet food may be the thing but only give your puppy like a teaspoon of that because you don't want a big mess ok? I hope this helps I have a puppy to so I'm learning little by little  about stuff like this I'm doing a lot of reading
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You gave your puppy a dewormer or you got one from the vet in the correct dosage for your puppy? Different parasites need different types of dewormer so it's possible that the one you gave didn't work, also possible that you missed the next dose or used an incorrect dose (but if OTC the more you give the more dangerous it is) and things like that.
OTC dewormers are not particularly effective on many parasites (mainly one) and also are extremely dangerous and frequently result in emergency. Safest, most effective and cheapest in the long run is usually just to get what you need in the amount you need from the vet.
Are you certain you are not over feeding your little one? That and parasites are pretty common reasons for a puppy with a consistently big belly. The vet doesn't suspect anything else going on and your pup is checking out good and they aren't concerned about anything? Bloating can be caused by several things but you would need to speak to a vet.  Not old enough for heartworms or anything? It may not be anything at all to be worried about and just a roly poly puppy (until maybe a growth spurt, lol).
You may just want to go in for an inexpensive exam (and maybe a appropriate inexpensive dewormer as well) just to have your vet take a look and you can speak to them about it and then you don't have to worry anymore. Do you have a set of vaccines coming up soon since that is about every 3 to 4 weeks initially with a puppy, if you don't see any signs of an actual problem you might be able to wait until your next appointment and speak to them about it then. Good Luck.

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