Where Do Leopard Sharks Live?


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Leopard Shark
What does a leopard shark look like?
A leopard shark has a long, football-shaped body.
A leopard shark is silver in color with bars and stripes of dark gray or brown.
On its back it has two fins called dorsal fins. On either side of its body, right behind the gills, it has a pair of pelvic fins. Towards the tail, or caudal fin, it has one anal fin on the underside of its body.
On either side of its body it has five gill slits.
How big are they?
Leopard sharks reach lengths of five to seven feet and weigh up to 70 pounds.
At birth, leopard shark pups are about eight to nine inches long.
Where do they live?
Leopard sharks are found along the Pacific coast from Oregon to Baja California and in the northern Gulf of California. They are very common in northern California bays.
They are found from the shallow waters of the rocky intertidal zone to depths of 300 feet. Most of the time they are found in 20 feet of water or less.
They make their home in many different habitats, including mudflats, rocky bottom areas, open coastal areas and kelp beds.
What do they eat?
Leopard sharks eat a wide variety of foods, including worms, shrimps, crabs, fishes, fish eggs and clams.

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