Where Do Marsupials Live?


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They live in north and south america,africa and austriala that's where they live the most ok
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These animals live only in Australia and dominate the landscape there. Best known for carrying their developing young in a marsupium or abdominal pouch, these strange creatures fill niches commonly occupied elsewhere by placental mammals, which nourish their offspring in the womb. Thus it is kangaroos, not gazelles that forage in the Australian grassland, and koalas, not monkeys that live in the trees.

Marsupials began to develop millions of years ago in the land mass including South America, Australia, Africa and Antarctica. The land mass gradually broke up and Africa and Antarctica split off before marsupials had spread there. Later, after South America connected with North America, most of the South American marsupials had been replaced by placental mammals that had evolved in the north and moved south.
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An opossum is also a marsupial.
North America's only marsupial (female has a pouch) mammal. The female carries and nurses her young in her marsupium until they are about 2 to 3 months old; then they are carried on her back another 1 to 2 months whenever they are away from the den.
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They live in Australia or North America....

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