What Happens If A Puppy Eats Adult Dog Food?


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Depends. The breeds that have a hard time regulating their blood sugar do well on puppy food. The average puppy food can aggravate problems like hip and elbow dysplasia in others due to accelerated growth rate and that's why many of them came out with large breed formulas (but you don't have to be a large breed for this) though some of them got it a bit backwards so it's always wise to check. Activity is also a factor.  Some dogs also just don't handle high protein well either and it can show in skin conditions (usually kinda like scabs around the head and neck) and even have trouble with their kidneys. What you feed your puppy and their activities can make some major differences in what happens as an adult health-wise. So, in many cases a puppy might be better off eating an adult food from the get go but not always. Basically if you check a good large breed formula against an adult it is VERY similar just says large breed in most cases. The diet and quality of the food makes a HUGE difference in the health of your dog during growth AND later on. The food may seem more expensive in many cases, but it's worth it for a healthy dog and usually saves tons in vet bills so is less expensive in the long run aside from all the other benefits.  - Most if not all of the foods here were not involved in the food recalls at all thanks to the higher quality of the food and the companies that make them. Great site with information, reviews and ratings.      Here's some articles and information:  - this one names a few names - what might you really feeding your pet when you buy commercial dog foods?  - a basic rundown of many brands, companies, and manufacturers. Identifies many companies that have been involved in recalls.
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If the dog has not gotten sick from it by now, nothing happens that is like the baby getting a hold of some adult food,the worse that can happen is it will throw up......the best to you
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I have a new puppy she is a pomarania/yorkis 3 pounds 10 weeks I also have a 10 pound dash/shit zu he is 3 well they puppy perfers the older dogs food and sometimes wont eat her food is it ok if she eats his food and her food I try to make sure she eats her food first then let her have a few pices of his
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I think that nothing terrible will happen. As I know puppy can eat adult dog food, but the pieces shouldn't be very large. If you have a puppy, I highly recommend to buy the best food which you can! Puppies require special vitamins, minerals, protein to grow healthy organs, muscles and so on. Also try to search such articles like from about your breed. There can be a lot of useful information!

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