My 1.5yr Westie Is Peeing And Pooping In House This Is Not Like Her Could Something Be Wrong?


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I think it would be one of two things, either he is confused and thinks that is where he is supposed to go, or he is stubborn and going to do it his way.
Either of those problems, I would handle just like housebreaking a new puppy.
Watch for signs the dog is about to go, going in circles, or starting to squat.
Immediately get him outside. pick him up if he is small enough, lead him if he is too big to pick up.
Unless you are disabled and can't pick him up, a Westie should be small enough to scoop up, and rush outside with him.
When he squats, say "NO!", scoop him up before he has a chance to go, and get him outside. Wait until he goes, if it takes forever( if he is being stubborn, it may take longer)Walk him some more if he won't go. Walking makes their bowels want to move.
When he goes, praise him like it is the greatest thing a dog ever did.
"Good boy, you're such a good boy"
Just really make a big deal of it.
If you don't catch him in time and he goes in the house, say"Shame on you, you know better, bad dog" things like that.
He will want the praise, and he will not like the scolding.
He will come around.
The longer he has been doing this, the longer it will take to train him right, unless he is confused and thinks he is supposed to go inside, then it may take just 2 or 3 times.
The thing is to be persistent. You have to show him it is going to be your way.
Spanking etc will do as much good as it does with a child. They win, you have resorted to physical punishment, so that means to them they have outsmarted you.They are in control.
You have to be in control. You have to be the Alpha of the pack.
Listen, dogs are NOT the dumb animals some people think they are Just because they can't talk, and don't have thumbs, people tend to think they are not as smart as humans.
I'll bet even Einstein's dog was smarter than he.
They are smart, and they are good little manipulators. Think of them as a very intelligent child, and you will be able to stay ahead of the lil critters. Good luck!

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