Happy Halloween everyone! Are you ready for the "beggar children"? Also a quick reminder to keep the furkids safe! Costumes can be scary to them. Also keep the candy away from them! It can make them sick or even worse.


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Ancient Hippy answered

I'm almost ready, a few more decorations are in order.

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Matt Radiance answered

Happy Halloween :)

Great alert! Exactly! Personally, Candy kills me if i get more than a few! And generally we need to get to balance two side of "fun" & "health" both!

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Happy Halloween 🎃!  I give out candy to the kids🍫 milkbones to the furry friends 🐶 and hot apple cider 🍎 to all the parents willing to be out in the cold with their little darlings. Our driveway is always packed!

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