My Dog Eats Alot Of Food (royal Canine) I Dont Know What To Do To Be Honest. I Feed Him One Meal After 1 Hour Or Something He Wil Want More And He Always Looking For Food Behind The Counters Or Under The Eating Table. Hes A 3 Month German Shepherd Pu?


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Hold on , I don't agree with feeding a dog all day long like jojo person said, I feed my dogs well, but , my sons dog that lived with his dad, had worms, as a puppy , we wormed it , it seem to do the trick, we were giving it a broad spectrum worm-er by the vet  every month , but the worms came back they were small and hard to notice , so just cause you wormed it doesnt mean it went away , the dog got thinner, we thought ok, its just growing , but it too ate all the time , over n over wanting more n more food , I think you may need a vet visit to make sure there are no worms , cause worms will make a dog eat all the time , and lose weight even though your feeding it a lot , I hope this helps
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A dog will eat everything if you let him so long as you stick to a routine of feeding after a few days he will stop my gsd was like this I was told she had been wormed but wormed her again any way because she was pot bellied 2 days later she had a waist and now doesnt savage her food in fact she only eats 1 bowl a day and she 3 months but she does get food scraps as-well
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Try feeding him different food. Give him 3 smaller meals a day instead of just once. Make sure you feed him puppy food till he nearly yr old as it much more nutritional for him
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I do feed him like 3 time sa day and it is pupy food but he always seems hungry
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Try some different food including meat try puppy food for large dogs from pets at home
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Try feeding him 3 times, I mean if you ate a big breakfast, you would be hungry at dinner. Right/same for your pup.
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Puppys need to have food available to them at all time and also fresh water.   They are growing and need a lot to eat.  At about a year you can start cutting them back on feed.

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