Can Adult Dogs Get Parvo?


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Puppies are usually affected with parvovirus but dogs of all ages can also be victim. Parvo is very contagious disease for dogs and can be transferred from dog to dog or direct exposure to the virus. The symptoms of parvo are due due to 2 types of  canine parovirus.
  • Diarrhea syndrome: Fever, loss of appetite, vomiting, depression, diarrhea, Grey or bloody fluid.
  • cardiac syndrome: This does not cause diarrhea but attack on heart muscle. The pups  can not suck milk and die.
First 4 days are very crucial and usually dogs die during this period. A visit to vet is immediately needed.
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Yes, adult dogs can get Parvo if they didn't have their annual shots. If your dog was properly vaccinated then it is impossible for him to get parvo. For any other information regarding Parvo, you can check the website below.
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Yes , canine parovirus is very infectious disease a adult dog can also suffer from it if not immunized against it .

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