Why Does My 12 Year Old Border Collie Have Very Bad Breath?


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Well, a good question to ask you is do you brush your dog's teeth? When was the last dental your dog had? A big concern can be the root of the problem, if gingivitis is present then infection can spread deeper and can affect the kidneys. Some diseases can also cause breath odor so a trip to the vet is in order at least for some basic blood work to rule out underlying metabolic reasons for the bad breath.

Mints can help cover the bad breath, but does not get to the root of the problem. One good dental can actually help a lot. However, your dog's age means that she needs to have preliminary blood work done before undergoing anesthesia for the dental (no dog will sit for a dental, even the only one I ever heard of would not sit for the deep cleaning your dog needs). Either way your vet can talk to you about how to brush your dog's teeth to help with the halitosis.

It does help if you start brushing their teeth when they are young so they are used to it, but with flavored toothpastes, older dogs may still get into it. Cats too!

Dental disease may not always be evident. Just like in humans the vet or nurse will use a probe to search for pockets in the gingivitis. The size of the pockets will help determine the extent of disease, if any.

Good luck!
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Well if you didn't already know this ... All dogs have bad breath, its just what people feed them really, you feed them dog food there breath smells like dog food. I have a golden retriever and his breath smells really bad after eating wet dog food. The best way to get rid of it is to buy breath mints for them!textyou need to buy textspecial breath mint for them. You can purchase them at almost any pet store or pet supply store! I forget what the brand is but you can also buy them a tooth brush but you have to start that when they are a puppy, last ly just buy them mint bones!

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