Why Does My Border Collie Nip?


2 Answers

helen baillie-gutteridge Profile
He is either trying to dominate you, OR his herding instincts are coming out.
If it is dominance he will also be pulling on the lead, jumping up at you, climbing onto your lap uninvited etc. You will need to stop him doing all those things. Make him stay on the floor, and fed him after your own meal.
If it is herding - A sharp NO or growl noise and IMMEDIATE stopping of the game are needed. If you carry on playing he will not get the message. This will work - my Australian shepherd used to do the same but quickly gave it up when he realised it made the fun stop.
hannah oguin Profile
hannah oguin answered
It comes natural to border collies.
They nip because that's what they do in the country when hearding sheep.

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