Do Mini Akita Dogs Shed?


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There is no such thing as a mini Akita. Do you mean a Shiba Inu? Then the answer is yes. They are also a breed that can be difficult for those even with a lot of training and dog experience so if you are considering one research carefully and talk to many people that have experience with them. They are highly intelligent and need to have their minds occupied (busy, busy, busy) and are very hard to out think, have a strong prey drive, low tolerance level, can be dog aggressive aside from the tolerance issues, are mischievous (sense of humor), pretty active, and can not be let off lead (get your running shoes on, it's a very fun game to them unless they are distracted by something to start a fight with). They are a challenge and great and lots of fun for the right people, but definitely not for everyone. Oh yeah, they don't really bark but they do yodel (as in death yodel).

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