My dog is constantly licking and biting his back, butt, paws and tail until they bleed. How can I help relieve his pain?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

You could give him some Vitamin E capsules or Fish oil capsules. They will help his skin. You could also put a tablespoon of Olive oil in his food. They get moisture back in their skin and they stop chewing and scratching much at all.

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I agree with Rooster, you could also try removing grains from his food and giving him a cup of plain or vanilla yogurt a day. He may have an allergy to corn which causes an overgrowth of yeast, which in turn causes itching!

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April Gatlin , hydrocortisone spray, answered

Our dog has the same thing due to allergies we found that hydrocortisone spray from the pet department in your local Walmart helps with the itching

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Beth Leivers answered

It sounds like your dog’s discomforts is caused by an allergy, and so the first point of call should be to address the root cause. You should try to determine what is causing the allergy.

Your dog may be intolerant to something he is eating, or allergic to something which he is coming into contact with, whether than be in your home, or outside.

Common allergens for dogs include:

  • Shampoo's or other chemical treatments like flea treatments
  • Dust
  • Pollen and grasses
  • Certain foods
  • Detergents and cleaning products which might be used on toys and bedding

Because it takes time for skin to heal you may not see the benefits of your actions right away, so do keep up with the changes for
several weeks to see if they have helped.

In the meantime it's recommend that your dog’s diets has sufficient omega 3's in it, as this can help with allergies. You may also want to try adding some olive oil into his diet a couple of times a week.

You may also want to purchase some pet shampoo designed to soothe the symptoms of his allergies. Also try switching to wet food, as this has a higher water content, and better hydration should help with the healing process. You could also apply a small amount of vitamin E oil to the affected areas, but be sure to avoid open wounds.

Above is a great video in which a vet details some of the ways that you can help your dog deal with its allergies. It's worth a watch!

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