Dog Is Licking Her Butt Area Constantly, Why?


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If your dog is female and in heat then licking of genitalia is normal. Licking of genitalia at the time of labor is also normal. Another possibility for licking of butt area in both male and female dogs can be problems with anal glands.

Anal glands are two sacs that secrete their secretions at the time of defecation. Sometimes, fluid of the anal gland become thick and can not be expressed at the time of defecation. This condition can cause anal gland impaction and can leads to anal gland infection if not expressed. Anal gland tumors can also cause licking of butt area in dogs.

So, if your dogs has impacted anal glands then get them expressed from vet. If there is infection then use of antibiotics will work. Tumors of anal glands need surgery. So, ideally, take your dog to vet for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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