Why Does My Dog Wee On Her Bed? She Is 3 And For The Last 3 Months She Has Been Weeing On Her Own Bed.we Keep Buying Her New Ones But She Does The Same Every Time .we Woke Up The Otheray And She Was Swimm Ing In It.


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All "problems" with our  "pets" in this society, including premature death, tragically is consequential  to this one false premise. . .  It is practical to capture a creature, remove a creature from its natural habitat, call it an "animal",  and force it to divert from it's instinct, in order to please ourselves.   Myopic.  Foolish.  

Think about how LOST and insane that you would be if this was done to you.   It is not your dog's  instinct to sleep in a BED . . .  That would be YOUR instinct.. . . If you're going to capture a creature, call it an "animal", force it to divert from its instinct, put it in a cage, limit its freedom and mobility, shout at it when it does not magically embrace YOUR instinct, feed it the SAME SLOP every day like an inmate. . . . . .  THE LEAST you could do is accomodate your so-called "friend" with an environment that caters to their instinct.  Or would that be too difficult for you?

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