Why Do Dogs Lose Their Hair?


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There are many reasons of hair loss in dogs. These are flea allergy, allergy to pollens, molds, and foods, scabies especially sarcoptes mange, Cheyletiella or lice which causes pruritus, pyoderma, ringworm infection, Cushing's disease, endocrine diseases due to hormonal imbalances, autoimmune skin diseases and and almost all skin diseases.

As hair loss in dogs always indicates some underlying cause, so, it should not be taken easy and visit to vet for accurate diagnosis and treatment is necessary.
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There might be different causes of hair loss in dogs. The most common are allergies, infection or infestation, Cushing's disease, pressure sores, and genetics. But even if your dog is healthy, you will face the problem of hair due to hormonal and climate changes. I know it from my own experience. The best solution I found is to use a Bissell pet hair eraser Lift-Off 20874 (it is 2 in 1 vacuum). It comes with a Pet Turbo Eraser Tool and has Cyclonic Pet Hair spooling for easy maintenance. If you are in search of such products that can ease life when living with pets, I can suggest checking the article on Hopefully, it will be helpful for someone.

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My Rat Terrier And Chihuahua mix is around 3 years old and has always had some lose of hair on her ears but now all the hair is coming off her head and some on her stomach and back legs. Her skin is not flaky or scaly but her body always seems very warm even though she is always cold. I have 2 other small dogs in the house and they don't seem to have this problem. She has always eten the same food and likes it. What could be the problem?

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