My Dogs Keep Pooping On The Floor What Do I Do?


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You can try to crate train them. You probably will never catch them using the bathroom because they do it in the middle of the night or when you are sleeping. So, I think you would probably want to try to crate train them. Naturally dogs do not like to be around their poop. If you put them in a cage to sleep at night in, they will probably wait until the morning to use the bathroom because they will not like sleeping in their poop, and it will also teach them to alert you if they need to go outside at night. Also if you have dog food lying around in a bowl all night that can be the problem to them using the bathroom at night. They could be eating more food at night which causes them to need to poop. You can put the food away for the night so they don't eat and have to poop while you are asleep. Feed them early enough so they have time to go to the bathroom before bed. Hope this helps.
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I have a 10 month old half neo mastiff and boxer. I have tried everything I can think of to keep her from pooping on the floor. She only poops in our bedroom. We have a routine on taking her outside. She will poop outside and pee outside. We take her outside right before we go to bed. Then we also get up about 2 or 3am and take her outside again, to help prevent her from having an accident. We have tried to crate her, and she cries extremely loud and I can't get no sleep. If we leave and she is in her crate and she can be in there for up to 16 hours without having an accident. Everyone will say I am wrong or whatever on what I am about to say. But for almost 30 years the way we potty trained our dogs and it worked very well. We would rub their nose in it and tell them no in a firm voice as well as the old rolled up newspaper, we only had to do that maybe 4 times with all of the dogs we have had.  But that does not work on my pup, nor praising her for going outside, we are constantly everytime she goes outside to potty we praise her. We take her on walks til she poops and pees. We have tried giving her treats the very few times she didn't poop or pee in our bedroom floor. She don't poop or pee in the exact spot, I get the smell out of the carpet. But she poops and pees in the area where nearly have to step in it when we get out of bed. When we tell her No in a firm tone when she poops or pees she wags her tail at us and gets all excited about it. We have been dealing with this for 5 months. My 2 year rott was very hard to potty trained and I rubbed his nose in it and spanked him, and he learned to go outside, because after that we immediately took him outside and the same thing with our pup.  Sometimes within 3 or 4 hours times there will be 2 to 4 piles of poop in our bedroom floor. She only does it when we are sleeping. Its to the point where we are about to put her up for adoption. We can't hardly deal with her pooping and peeing on the floor constantly. I can't figure it out, because during the daytime she lets us know when she needs out. We also ask her if she wants outside and she does her little dance and bark. We notice the poop the most often we make her get off our bed. She is too big to be sleeping in our bed. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get her to stop pooping on the floor?
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Train them and let them out right before you go to bed. You just need to put time, effort, and patience into it and your dogs will be house-trained in no time. :)

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