Can A Dog Get Pregnant Even If A Hook Up Did Not Occur?


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I have a client that brings her female Yorkie to breed once a year and my male has never tied with her and she has had max of 4 to 5 pups each time so yes a female can get pregnant and especially if he does the happy feet dance I call it the Irish gig ....
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I think you mean a tie. Where the dogs lock together because of the male having a swollen penis. If that is what you mean if there was penitration its very possible. Not all dogs get a tie. My dogs just finished breeding and I only got two ties the rest they didn't tie and even if they had not tied I know she would have become pregnant. Hope all goes the way you want it to.
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They can stay hooked together for up to 30 minutes,
It is best not to try to separate them as you can
cause damage to one or the other of the pair.
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It is not necessary for them to be hooked for a long time,but it makes chances greater for  the pregnancy and the size of the litter.

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